⚠️ The Pteria DAO dev Wallet 0x6e092e7cF74eb47e8A5ed103cE05EaD54E10b093, controlled and connected to the second main Wallet 0xb93a7f6ad50f046b70e5eed3da0547ecaf00b788 with 466.1K Pteria, started to sell Pteria.


Pteria DAO had to intervene, through the wallet 0x6bCff4E32cAC3b8A1A96aB427a5B7a4366b8cCDa, to preserve the liquidity present on Uniswap.


Considering that the out-of-control wallet still has numerous Pteria tokens and may has access to other Pteria DAO wallets, Pteria DAO will create a Pteria fork in order to reload the saved liquidity on a new Pool and allow Pteria legit owners to swap it with the new token, inhibiting out-of-control wallets.


Thanks to the whole community for understanding,

Pteria DAO.