Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Pteria holders are capable of participating in the DAO’s governance votes and proposing votes of their own.

Global First

Collaborate with people across the globe working towards common goals.

Organize with anyone from anywhere to democratically decide the best choices for Pteria and its future.

Transparent and secure

Track how funds are being used in the community

Everybody has transparent control over the use of Pteria ensuring that they're being used in an acceptable manner.

Community ownership

A community where everyone shares in the benefit.

It's common interest to protect Pteria's value by promoting it to third-party projects that enhance it.

Pteria DAO is managed through the Aragon protocol

Pteria DAO
The right to vote

Each staked Pteria within the DAO allows for 1 vote, with no maximum limits.

Making a voting proposal

Anyone that has at least 1 Pteria staked may propose a vote on a decision to the entire DAO.

The quorum

To validate a vote, at least 30% of the entire staked population must participate in the vote. If not, the proposition is nullified.

Vote validation

At least 51% of the votes must vote for or against the proposition in order for the result to be determined.

Voter rewards

Those who vote on propositions are rewarded in Pteria, ETH, and more that comes from NFT’s and projects partner.

Voting Frequency Threshold

Voter rewards are given to users that participate in at least one vote every 30 days.

The Pteria DAO is controlled by the organization members using smart contracts and is not influenced by any central government, or by any Board of Directors.

Each Pteria staked in the DAO corresponds to a single vote that may be used on a presented proposition. Every token holder may create a proposition to vote on. Each proposition that reaches a minimum quorum of 30% is considered valid and its result determined once the votes reach a majority of at least 51% in approval or disapproval. All Pteria movements are transparent and all DAO addresses are public. Token holders are required to vote at least once a month in order to receive their voting rewards of Pteria, ETH, and other Erc-20 tokens which is derived from the activities of third-party projects.

Pteria DAO Economy

  • The DAO, subject to the approval of the majority, donates a quantity of Pteria to projects developed by third parties so that Pteria can be integrated into their token economy.
  • The approved projects sell/spread 90% of the Pteria assigned to its users (non-withdrawable) so that the Pteria may be re-spent within the project, and consequently, burned.
  • After the project burns through its 90% supply of donated Pteria, the projects may keep the remaining 10% of donated Pteria to keep the flow of Pteria tokens within their project, or they may purchase more on their own. Regardless, once their entire supply of Pteria is depleted, they will need to purchase more Pteria on the market.
  • Any revenue in ETH, or other currency deriving from the partnered projects destined for the DAO are redistributed within the DAO in proportion to the quantity of Pteria held by token holders.

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