Not Fungible Tokens

Unique collectible tokens with earnings linked to partner projects

NFT’s are minted by the DAO as limited edition collectibles.

Each NFT has unique privileges within the ecosystems of the partner projects in which they are part of and generate a passive income for the owner. The earnings from the sale of NFT’s may be used for the continual upkeep, marketing, or burning of Pteria – It is entirely up to the DAO.

Earnings from partner projects are sent to a smart contract for the NFT series and are then equally distributed among the various NFT holders for that series.

The NFT’s minted by the DAO correlate with a particular item or skin that exists in a DAO partnered third-party project. The sales generated from this particular item or skin in the project will be collected and sent to the smart contract for that NFT series, with the token currency collected being Pteria or another high-value cryptocurrency. The amount a time the NFT holder needs to hold the token is irrelevant, the smart contract just reads the token-holder list at the time of payment to determine payee information.

There is no lock on NFT’s with owners having the ability to transfer or resell them at any time. The earnings generated are sent to the NFT holders address, and no additional work is required to transfer ownership or begin receiving benefits.

Special Perks

Each NFT series has its own unique privileges on the third party project that it’s associated with.

Passive Earnings

The earnings generated from the in-project sale of the skins associated with the NFT are split equally among the NFT holders.

NFT Sales

The earnings from the sales of NFT’s may be used to increase pool liquidity, purchase tokens at market rate for burning, or be used towards staking rewards.

Community Benefits

20% of all NFT’s are kept within the DAO helping to contribute to and increase the monthly rewards for staked Pteria.

Unsold NFT’s

Any unsold NFT’s will be kept within the DAO and will also help to increase the monthly rewards for skated Pteria.

Frequent payments

Payments are made via smart contract and sent to owners either every 20 days, or when the payment per NFT reaches a $5000 value, whichever comes first.



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