Pteria is a governance token within a DAO
managed through the Aragon protocol

Pteria is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain where all transactions take place on-chain.

Pteria was born as a DAO built on Aragon, a platform that allows the creation of communities where users can make proposals and vote on team decisions. This allows users to play an active part in the decision-making process and steer the development of the DAO.

The DAO was born as an independent entity from any specific third party project and through voting will make decisions for which projects and in what quantity Pteria tokens are allocated. As the manifesto for the Pteria token, only those projects that do not already have a proprietary token and that are affiliated with, or related to the gaming industry will be chosen. Another key requirement for projects receiving Pteria allocations is constant token-burn during normal flow. The Pteria DAO was in fact created precisely for this – to reward interesting and deserving projects by giving them tokens to implement on their platform and encouraging the use of blockchain in the games sector.

In order to make this possible, the DAO created the Pteria token, which acts as both a utility token for third party platforms and a governance token that allows users to vote on the future decisions of the DAO.

Official Pteria Token address: 0x02eca910cb3a7d43ebc7e8028652ed5c6b70259b

Initial Pteria distribution:

7.2M Pteria

2M | Pool Liquidity (OUT of the DAO, progressively locked in DEX).

600k | Project Agreement - (OUT of the DAO, 540k will be burnt)

520K | Marketing - (IN the DAO)

1.5M | Other Projects - (IN the DAO, 1.35M will be burnt)

720K | DAO interests for 12 months staking - (IN the DAO)

550K | Early investors - (IN the DAO, staked 12 months)

500K | Technical Support - (IN the DAO, staked 12 months)

350K | Founders - (IN the DAO, staked 12 months)

250K | Team - (IN the DAO, staked 12 months)

210K | Advisors - (IN the DAO, staked 12 months)

Pool Liquidity | OUT

2M Pteria have been allocated for initial phase of Pool liquidity on the decentralized exchanges Uniswap, Balancer and Pancake. There Ethereum placed in the pool are locked to protect Pteria buyers. Liquidity is progressively increased on DEXs - maximum 2M Pteria - following the progressive increase in trading volumes. Once Pteria is listed on the Centralized Exchange, liquidity is kept on DEX to ensure that the price is maintained on all exchanges.

Marketing | IN

520k Pteria have been allocated for initial marketing purposes extending towards the crypto and gaming industries. All Pteria dedicated to Marketing are allocated within the DAO and any marketing action that has a cost in Pteria, must be approved by the DAO. In this way it is ensured that the entire Community is aware of which marketing actions - which have a cost - will be done and what the relative expectations are.

Other Projects - IN

1.5M Pteria (allocated within DAO contract) are dedicated to projects that submit their intention to co-operate to the DAO. Based on the voting result of the DAO, any valid project and the relative amount of tokens to be allocated will be determined. As previously mentioned, only those projects that are affiliated, or related to the gaming industry, with a need for utility tokens and a high burning capacity will be taken into consideration.

DAO interests | IN

The 24% interest rate was applied exclusively during the promotional phase of the staking feature - The first 3M Pteria staked for a 12 month period. The interest these tokens will accrue has already been allocated by the DAO to the amount of 720k Pteria. Every 3 months 6% interest is released to the staked token holders, and full release of staked tokens is available after the 12 month period.

Early Investors | IN

During the initial phase of the Pteria project, a small group of about 50 investors had access to 550k Pteria. The tokens owned by early investors of Pteria are locked in staking for a 12 month period within the DAO. These tokens are to be released starting from Feb, 2022 with no way to unlock these tokens prior to this. The majority of early investors went on to later purchase tokens on the market to buy more Pteria.

Technical Support | IN

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) was founded by a group of anonymous developers. Their contribution and external technological services require development and maintenance funds. The DAO has dedicated 500k Pteria to address these costs and fund future expansion where necessary. These partners have come to an agreement to stake their Pteria for 12 months.

Founders | IN

There are 6 founders of the Pteria DAO project - all developers who are involved in the world of crypto, marketing and gaming. They have decided to remain anonymous and to make their DAO available to everyone, being rewarded with 350k Pteria that is to be split equally among them in compensation for the work done. All founders tokens are locked in the DAO and staked for 12 months.

Team | IN

Once the DAO had been designed and put onto the blockchain, the founders remotely selected a team that managed and maintained the DAO and its decisions. The compensation for the team members is 250k Pteria tokens locked within the DAO and staked for 12 months. The team is free to select other people for the position, but the allocated amount of Pteria cannot be increased in any way.

Advisors | IN

During the genesis of the DAO, many fundamental decisions were inspired from exponents of the crypto world. They gave their valuable advice and shared important connections with large crypto figures with the founders of the Pteria DAO. These advisors were compensated with 210k Pteria tokens that are locked in the DAO and are staked for 12 months. These tokens are to be released starting from Oct, 2021.

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