Timeline of developing, partnerships & listing
Q4 2020 > Q3 2021
  • Uniswap listing
  • CoinMarketCap data tracking
  • Coingecko data tracking
  • Etherscan data tracking
  • Wallem partnership
  • Pewdiepie campaign
  • Staking Program
  • 12.25M burning
  • NFT smart contracts
  • Pug Dog NFTs with monthly rewards
  • Pewdiepie NFTs with monthly rewards
  • Geographical NFTs
  • BSC bridge (BEP20)
  • Kattleya partnership
  • Matic Polygon partnership
  • Polygon Matic Bridge
  • Pteria Wallem event
  • Monthly Voting
  • Hashwallet partnership
Q4 2021
  • PugDog AR dedicated game iOS/Android
  • NFT game partnership
  • Cross marketing with Penky
  • Cross marketing with Catge
  • Innovative Referral Program by Kattleya (South America)
Q1 2022
  • Pteria burning machine lottery
  • Quickswap pool
  • Pancakeswap pool
  • Marketing campaign
Q2 2022
  • Avalanche network integration
  • Avalanche bridge
  • Pangolin pool
  • Direct Marketing Campaign
  • New strategic Partnerships
Monthly Staking (Under 1K Pteria / 1K+ Pteria)

The DAO is governed with the use of Pteria tokens. Pteria tokens may be free, or be staked in order to receive monthly rewards relative to the amount of Pteria staked. All Pteria holders have the right to participate in voting, whether those tokens are staked or not. Monthly staking is available in monthly increments and tokens that are staked are locked for the duration of the stake period with rewards being paid out monthly. Rewards may be in ETH, Pteria, or other tokens. In order to receive the monthly rewards, staked token-holders must participate in at least one vote per month within the DAO otherwise the reward for that particular month will be forfeit. Monthly rewards are distributed proportionally to the amount of Pteria staked by staked token holders.

Annual Staking

For Pteria tokens that are staked on a 12-month cyclical contact, the DAO grants a 24% annual interest rate in Pteria which is paid to the origin ETH (Ethereum) address. 6% Interest is released every 3 months with the interest tokens being unlocked and withdrawable. The 24% interest only applies during the promotional phase of the program – The first 3M Pteria staked. Annual staking also grants the right to receive the monthly rewards mentioned in the monthly staking tier with the same condition that you must participate in at least one vote per month within the DAO. Each staked token gives the holder one vote per voting activity. At the end of the designated staking period, the original staked tokens will be able to be withdrawn by the holders to the origin ETH address.

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