A governance token within a DAO

Pteria is awarded by the DAO to projects with a powerful burning economy.

This guarantees a progressive increase in Pteria’s scarcity.

The DAO mints NFT’s and retains full control over sales and economic decisions.

NFT’s allow the hosting wallet to receive benefits from external projects.

ETH & tokens rewards for staked Pteria which take part in the monthly vote.

Divided in proportion to the amount of Pteria staked in the DAO.

Initial Pteria distribution:

7.2M Pteria

The DAO has issued 7.2 million Pteria on the Ethereum blockchain. The main purpose of Pteria is to act as a utility token for third party projects and applications. The DAO, based on democratic decisions decreed by the majority vote, has the right to autonomously allocate the budget defined for external projects with precedence given to those projects focused on gaming and finance (non-exclusive). Project choice is determined by the potential burning capacity of the project.

Considering the limited supply of the Pteria token, the quantity already destined to be burned by third-party projects supported by Pteria Dao is 1.89M equal to 27.5% of the supply.


2M | Pool Liquidity & Partnerships

520K | Marketing

600k | Wallem (540k will be burnt)

1.5M | Other Projects (1.35M will be burnt)

720K | DAO interests for 12 months staking

550K | Early investors

500K | Technical Support

350K | Founders

250K | Team

210K | Advisors

Pteria for Wallem

Wallem is the first project that has integrated Pteria within its ecosystem. It is a mobile gaming project promoted by the popular Youtuber Pewdiepie (107M followers). Wallem allows users to join events giving them the chance to get real-world products. Pteria DAO donated 600k Pteria to Wallem to function as a collectible token spread out across the in-game GPS-based map. Wallem users are able to catch the tokens in AR and spend them on in-game items such as character skins and joining events. As all of tokens used to join events are burned, Wallem functions as a powerful burning machine for Pteria. Once the donated supply of Pteria runs out, Wallem will need to purchase more Pteria on the market in order to replenish its supply.
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